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Childbirth Classes

  • All-Inclusive Childbirth Class 

    • Includes: prenatal nutrition & exercise; Mom and Baby’s development; how Mom’s body is uniquely designed for pregnancy, labor and birth; stages and phases of labor; extensive practice for Mom and Partner in labor comfort techniques; assistance with creating your birth plan; breastfeeding basics and common challenges; and getting to know your newborn.

  • Prenatal Nutrition & Exercise 

    • A great start for Mom and Baby! This course can be taken as you are trying to conceive to learn how to prepare the best environment for your baby, or just after learning you are pregnant to make sure you maintain a healthy pregnancy and prepare well for birthing.

  • Labor Support & Birth Planning 

    • Includes extensive practice for Mom and Partner in labor comfort techniques and help with writing a birth plan.

  • Breastfeeding & Newborn Care 

    • An overview of how Mom’s body is designed to provide the best nutrition for her baby; how to get breastfeeding off to a great start; common challenges and remedies; reading cues from your newborn; and calming techniques for baby.

  • Customized Private Class

    • A customized course based on your family’s unique needs.

​Available Classes:

  • All-Inclusive Childbirth Class ​

  • Prenatal Nutrition & Exercise ​

  • Labor Support & Birth Planning ​

  • Breastfeeding & Newborn Care ​

  • Customized Private Class​

*Pricing varies depending on desired class. Scheduled classes are posted on our Facebook page
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