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Lauren Bradley, MA, LPC, CD(DONA)

     I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Certified Doula. I currently practice as an LPC at LeTourneau University, and plan to begin offering specialized counseling services later this year, including in-home visits for new moms as well as office sessions for mothers and families experiencing any of the following hurdles in their journey: infertility, loss, and/or perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. I will also continue offering counseling services for other individual, couple, and family issues.

     I’ve been married to my husband, Danny, for 9 years, and we have two awesome kids, Claire (4) and Cooper (2). We are expecting our third sometime in July 2018. I’ve lived in Longview since I was 12, and my husband and I both attended LeTourneau University. I then went on to earn my Master of Arts in Counseling at UT Tyler. We have been members of Pathway Church in Longview for almost 6 years, our involvement in which is a major part of our lives as well as in my professional passion and direction.

     My personal birth experiences are what drove me to become a labor doula. After feeling completely unsupported during an attempted unmedicated birth in the hospital, I decided to hire a midwife and doula for my second, also in the hospital. The emotional support I received from my doula and the knowledge and familiarity with natural birth my midwife provided were starkly different than what I'd experienced with my first. I decided that every birthing woman and her partner needs that kind of support during the birth of their child (regardless of whether it is at home or a planned cesarean in the hospital), a day that would be forever ingrained in their memory. I attended a training through Doulas of North America International (DONA) in March of 2017, and received my certification in August of 2017. I absolutely love supporting growing families, and appreciate you for taking the time to read about me and my passion.

Elizabeth Bevan, Doula

     I was born and raised near Dallas, and moved to Longview in 2009. I met and married my amazing husband here and we now have three beautiful children.

I was immediately drawn to becoming a doula through the pregnancy and birth of my first child. I was mentally and emotionally nervous about birth, but I wanted to have unmedicated births. I had never heard of a doula or birth support person, so I was looking for a medical care provider to fill that role.

     Because of my own personality type and mental, emotional, and spiritual state, I wanted to try to labor in a way that I strongly believed would result in me feeling the most in control and the most comfortable and therefore in the least amount of pain and with the best outcome. With the birth of my first child, I realized just how meaningful having a constant mental, physical and emotional support person was in the outcome of my experience when my midwife acted as that trusted, wise, and unwavering helper. 

     My experiences made me realize how powerful the connections were between me and God, me and my husband, and me and my midwife. They all supported me and significantly helped me, in different ways. I also realize that every person thinks, behaves, and reacts differently. I want to deliver the same kind of individualized care to other moms.

     In late 2017, God finally opened all the right doors to help me both begin the doula certification process and collaboratively start Safe Haven Family Services. I hope to help you and your family in whatever ways will keep you healthiest and happiest physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I will do all these things in a way that I hope honors God and spreads his love.

Madison Whiteley, CNHP, Doula

     I am a Certified Health Specialist and Certified Natural Health Practitioner (come May 2018). I started seeking alternative options for healthcare as a senior in high school. My passion for natural health only grew as I started seeing a Master Herbalist for my own well-being, who inspired and encouraged me to pursue this desire. I am grateful for all of our friends in healthcare, as I’m married to a Registered Nurse and have many relatives in the medical field. It is my goal to team up with individuals in our community and use my services to help them reach their goals. 
     Though I will be able to serve many in our community, I have a heart for women who battle infertility, for the pregnancy journey and for new mommas. I will be able to work alongside these women using nutrition, essential oils, supplements, exercise, biofeedback, muscle testing and suggestion of alternative therapies. 

     I am also thrilled to jump on the doula train and serve East Texas as a Postpartum Doula, upon completion of my training this summer. 

     My mental and emotional health along with my physical health was transformed through a holistic approach to my wellness. It is a dream come true to be able to
bless those around me in the same way. I look forward to teaming up with other
local natural health practitioners and bringing alternative solutions for healthcare
to Longview.

Amanda Patton, Doula

     I am a happily married mother of two sweet gifts. My daughter, Sara-Catherine, was born in a hospital and my son, Gunner, at a birth center with a midwife. Both of my births lead me to become a doula. I became a doula because I want the opportunity to serve and empower my clients. God laid this on my heart and I knew I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. I want to make a difference in someone’s life on the most important day of theirs. I believe in the empowerment of women through their birth experience. I believe in supporting women to have the birth experience they choose, however they define it. I believe in opening to birth as it unfolds, often unexpectedly, and finding surrender. I believe that supporting the partner and working well with other team members are key in this process. My main goal as a doula is to make sure the family has a positive experience. A positive experience is the foundation. 
     The DONA philosophy states: "A doula for every woman who wants one."  I believe
that a healthy community starts with birth and will therefore provide services at a
reduced cost when possible.


I began my professional career as a teacher in middle and high school. My passion for birth work grew out of my own pregnancy and birth, as it is the case for many doulas. During my pregnancy I accidentally stumbled onto midwifery care, and it completely changed the course of my life. Through the incredible support and education provided by my midwives, my many misconceptions around birth we’re reframed or completely wiped away. 

The birth of my firstborn, though relatively smooth, had some complications. It was the support of incredible midwives that helped me accomplish and own my birthing. I wanted to provide that same support and education for future matter their birthing environment I wanted to provide women with the empowerment to own their birth. 


I began pursuing certification through DONA International in the spring of 2017, and have been passionately growing in my professional development ever since. I look forward to many years of birth support and education. 


Services I provide:

Birth Doula 

Pregnancy henna

Placenta encapsulation 

Birth education (pursuing certification through Lamaze International) 

Laura McHugh, Doula

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